3 tips for growing your coaching business on Instagram

In 2013 Instagram had 80 million users, just one year later that number grew to 200 Million users. Everyone is getting a piece of that pie today. Businesses are using Instagram to promote, sell and get followers. Many top name brands like Nike, Starbucks and Gucci are active on social media, including Instagram.

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Even small business could benefit from engaging their potential clients on Instagram.

Engaging clients

Increase exposure

Gain followers

Increase engagement

So how can instagram help coaches? Gain exposure, meet potential clients,

1. Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags often. When posting, use hashtags that pertain to your niche.

2. Interact with your community. Make sure you follow, comment and like other Instagramers.  Find your target audience and interact with them by sharing tips and info.

3. Have an Instagram Loop Giveaway with a few other coaches to gain more followers. Coordinate with other Instagramers and purchase a high dollar gift card to giveaway. They enter the giveaway by following all collaborators and/or tagging their friends.

These are just a few tips on how you can use Instagram to create a presence for your coaching business. See what works best for you and your coaching niche.

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