Rising Stories #10 Dr. Jana Craft


Rising Stories guest Dr. Jana Craft



Dr. Jana Craft is my guest on episode #10. I can’t believe we are on number ten of this podcast. It is a dream come true to be interviewing such amazing business owners and authors. So excited for you to hear the upcoming guest I have lined up for  RISING STORIES.

Jana Craft is my dear friend of two years who is a college professor, speaker, blogger and author. She is working on a book as we speak and I can’t wait to read it. On the show we talk about how we met, living authentic lives and buying things from local or small business retailers. She also shares her story with us about how she worked full time and had time to go to school.


Bree Brown  *  Rising Strong

Netflix – House of Cards

Stones of Remembrance  by Julie Preseley (guest #2)

Jana’s best advice was to “Go until you have a decision to make.” What a great piece of advice. 

What’s Rocking Her World 

The importance of having a tribe of people on your side to say “We’ve got this! You do this, we’ll do this.”

Brand Advocacy – Noonday Jewelry

Learning to be open online and care for people with your written words.

C O N N E C T   W I T H   J A N A


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