Rising Stories #12 Crystal Hodges

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Crystal is one of my favorite people. Aside from the fact that she is the nicest person I know, she is a motivation speaker, successful blogger, baker and world traveler. Crystal was born with a heart-shaped port-wine stain on her face. Growing up she knew she was different but never gave it much thought until someone took her photo and turned it into a meme that ended up going viral. While she was not able to remove all of the photos from the internet, she took action by sharing her own story on her blog called TheTravelinChick.com

UPDATE: The Bully Project has just release a video featuring Crystal. You can Watch it here

She was recently featured in an article for THE DAILY MAIL and MIRROR in the UK. You can read her response to the viral meme. To the Man who turned me into a MEME


L I N K S   F R O M   T H E   S H O W

Michael Hyatt- Platform University


What is Rocking her World?

Listening to Podcasts! Rising Stories

Being an Aunt

School is out and she is traveling to Nashville to do some writing.

C O N N E C T   W I T H   C R Y S T A L

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