Rising Stories #16 Ash Kennedy

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Rising Stories Podcast #16

Ash was a lovely guest and she and I chatted like two school girls about everything from business practices to our Whole Foods grocery lists. I know you will enjoy her share about her Holistic Wellness practice as well as how she is helping others find that healthy balance and healing. Right away you will hear her love and passion for what she does and how she truly wants to help others.

Ash is offering all Rising Stories listeners a  complimentary 30-minute Skype “wellness discovery” call & integrated Reiki distance healing. This will be a call to zero in on any specific wellness issues you are experiencing. You can take advantage of this offer by emailing her at info@AttitudeofWellness.com


You can listen to the show HERE.

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Links From the Show


The Body Keeps Score

Money Master by Tony Robbins

My little Whole Foods List:

Dandelion Tea, Rose Oil Waleda

(that you can get on Amazon if you don’t have a Whole Foods near you)

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