Rising Stories #25 Sarah Siegand

Rising Stories Podcast episode #25 Sarah Siegand

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Today’s guest is Sarah Siegand, she is an online safety advocate, a mom of two, a speaker, a writer and a business owner. She and her husband, Jesse, educate parents, teachers and kids about staying safe online. Sarah and I chat about everything from grocery shopping, to google alerts, to what we pack in our kids’ lunches.
Sarah and I are friends in real life and actually live close to each other. We don’t get to visit very often, since we are business owners and busy moms, so part of what you will hear is us having a typical friends conversation.
Sarah is offering a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss solutions to strengthen your family’s online safety strategy. Ask questions about parental controls, internet filtering & monitoring, social media & app safety.
Sign up by visiting their website Parents Who Fight
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 Books that Sarah is reading:
Unselfie by Michele Borba
 What Sarah is loving
Online grocery shopping & pick up by Walmart (Get $10. if you sign up with this link)
Wraps for kids lunches
Fresh Books for her business
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