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Miss Patty Cake, Kids music, worship, Women of Faith

I can’t believe Miss Patty Cake is on this week’s episode of Rising Stories! She has a great story, about how she became the beloved character who brings the message of worship to preschoolers across the country. She has traveled for 12 years singing bible-based songs to kids and their parents. She has sold over 450, 000 videos and was a Dove award nominee. Jean has also been on the worship team for the Women of Faith Conferences. Jean has just released her new book Pep Talks Which stands for P-attycake E-couraging P-arents.  “She communicates biblical truth through her songs, games, and wiggly, giggly fun, and reminds children that ‘every day is a PattyCake Praise Day!'”

She also happens to be one of my dearest friend and we are in a fun book club together. We meet about once a month and sometimes we talk about the books we’ve read. When you talk with Jean or have dinner at her house for book club you can bet there will be music and singing, it just oozes out of her.

Great News! Jean is giving all of the podcast listeners a 20% discount on all of her products! Hop over to her online store and enter the promo code Risingstories20 to get the discount.

Miss Patty Cake products

*Her 3 things*

Graham Cooke’s podcast

Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts  1000 Gifts Devotions

 She is loving that she is in a better place in her marriage.

C O N N E C T   W I T H   J E A N


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