Rising Stories #9 Kayla Fioravanti

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Rising Stories Podcast #9 Kayla Fioravanti, Helping authors launch and publish their books


My guest for Rising Stories #9 is Kayla Fioravanti. She is an award-wining author, small business owner, blogger, and is currently writing a new cookbook on how to cook with BISON!  Kayla is a seasoned author, having written her first book at 16 years of age. Kayla has written everything from poetry books to natural medicine textbooks and she is now helping others publish their books. Her book How to Self-Publish is a great place to start if you are interested in launching your own book.

Kayla and I talk about her writing process and how she and her husband run a company selling Bison meats. We also discuss what it takes to keep all of her businesses running and when she finds time to take a break.


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